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Why Use Total Electrical Estimating Service?

Why Use

How Total Electrical Estimating Can Help Your Bottom Line

Total Electrical Estimating is here to allow you to achieve new levels of productivity and efficiency in estimating, giving your electrical contracting company the boost it needs to not only survive, but profit in these difficult economic times.

There are numerous reasons why hiring an electrical estimating company is a smart thing to do for your electrical contracting business. First, it's important to realize that we are not out to take over your estimating department's job, or suck you in with long-term, high-cost contracts for estimating work. We want to work with you, assisting your own estimators, on an as-needed basis for your maximum convenience.

For example, if our electrical estimating department may have more work than it can handle, yet due to the economic climate at the present time, you may not wish to go to the expense and inconvenience of hiring a new estimator. But, even n this case, giving Total Electrical Estimating some of your estimates to work on takes pressure off your company's estimators, for a much lower cost and with much less hassle than hiring a new estimator. You can rest assured that your bids will be completed to an extremely high standard, and the reduced workload reduces the chance that estimates will be rushed and contain potentially costly errors. Just one simple error can have a catastrophic effect on the profitability of a project. So, allowing Total Electrical Estimating to assist your estimating department greatly reduces the chances that this will happen.

Total Electrical Estimating can also help in other ways. If your internal electrical estimator is on vacation, we can pick up the slack until he or she returns, with no long-term commitment. If there is a particular project that your estimators are struggling with, or a particularly important bid, Total Electrical Estimating's highly experienced and highly trained estimators can provide a fresh perspective and ensure that you have covered every angle with no errors or omissions.

Finally, if your company does not have an in-house estimator or estimating department, and you do not yet wish to go to the expense of hiring a full-time estimator, you can simply hand over all your estimating requirements to Total Electrical Estimating. Total Electrical Estimating is entirely dedicated to estimating; it is our only business. This makes us extremely efficient at providing accurate electrical estimates in a time-frame to suit you.