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Database Management

Database management is a never-ending part of the estimating process. Out of the box, most estimating software is relatively well-designed, but not tailored to your companies specific needs, approach, and market. What might be perfect for one region or company might be all wrong for another.

As we see it, there are two primary goals that estimating software must achieve at all times in order to be useful. First, it must be set up in such a way that an estimating team can do their work as efficiently as possible. If the software slows your team down, then that means less bids, less wins, and less profit as a result. Second, the assemblies must be competitive enough to win a job, while also comprehensive enough to make money on it. The recipe for achieving this is always in flux. And so the need for constant review of an estimating database never stops.

At Total Electrical Estimating, we have spent endless hours, and built thousands of our own assemblies in Accubid, EBM, and ConEst. We will collaborate with your office every step of the way to build a database that is at once powerful, competitive, and easy to use. Call today to discuss how we can assist you.